We’re close – but need your help

We are a few crucial steps away from securing funding needed for the Project Development phase of the NH Capitol Corridor Project.

 This phase will provide a detailed analysis of engineering, environmental, and geotechnical aspects, along with a firm financial plan for expanding passenger rail from Boston to Nashua and Manchester.
We have two tracks for securing funding:
1)    HB 2 –  the biennial budget bill;
2)    SB 241 – relative to funding for the project development phase of the Capitol Corridor Rail project.
Both bills contain language that allows the state to utilize a minuscule portion of their already accumulated toll credits to leverage federal dollars available to fund the analysis.
Once complete, the analysis will provide policymakers with the information necessary to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the project and in no way commits the state to moving forward.
Please take a minute to let members of both Committees why you support expanding passenger rail from Boston to Nashua and Manchester. Both bills will be considered within the next few weeks.
Senate Finance Committee –HB 2 – Public Hearings: May 7th and May 8th
–       Email the committee
House Public Works & Highways – SB 241 – Public Hearing: May 22nd
–       Email the committee
Thanks for your continued support!
NHBiz4Rail Team