TIME TO ACT: Senate Transportation Committee to hear public testimony Tuesday

On Tuesday April 10, the Senate Transportation Committee will welcome public testimony on House Bill 2018, the Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan, which includes $4 million in federal funding that would enable an in-depth analysis (Project Development) of the expansion of passenger rail from Boston to Manchester.

Committee members need to understand why funding this analysis is so critical:

  • NH is aging at an alarming rate, reducing workforce and negatively impacting businesses
  • House Bill 2018 would allocated $4 million in federal funding, at zero cost to NH taxpayers
  • Approving the Project Development funding in House Bill 2018 would not compel NH to proceed with building rail
  • Project Development would provide the public and policymakers with critical information to make an informed decision
  • 74% of NH voters, including more than 125 statewide businesses, support rail expansion

Please EMAIL THE COMMITTEE CHAIR TODAY and encourage her to support Project Development funding for rail expansion.

Also, please consider testifying before the Committee on Tuesday, April 10, at 1:30PM in Room 103 of the Legislative Office Building, located at 33 North State Street in Concord, NH.  

Thank you!

NHBiz4Rail Team