One Step Away – Contact Governor Sununu Today

We are officially one-step away from securing critical funding to analyze the expansion of passenger rail from Boston to Nashua and Manchester.

The NH House recently approved SB241, which would fund a detailed analysis of engineering, environmental, and geotechnical aspects, along with a firm financial plan for expanding passenger rail – without expending any General Fund dollars.
SB241 is now awaiting a signature from Governor Sununu. We need you to reach out and remind him of his past support and how important this issue is to Granite Staters.
More than three-quarters of New Hampshire residents support rail expansion and the benefits it would deliver:
  • 668,000 weekday riders and the following economic benefits:
  • 5,600 permanent jobs
  • 3,400 construction jobs to build the real estate development triggered by rail
  • 1,700 new jobs every year beginning in 2030
  • 3,600 residential units to support new workers
  • 9 million square feet of commercial real estate as a by-product of rail expansion
  • $750 million in real estate investment from 2021-2030
  • $220 million in reinvested worker earnings added to the economy beyond 2020
Please call Governor Sununu at 603.271.2121 and express your support. This is a critical time for rail expansion and we need your support more than ever.
NHBiz4Rail Team