New Hampshire Considers Commuter Rail (Again)

The Exchange

Governor Sununu called commuter rail a “boondoggle” during his campaign, but is now supporting a $4 million feasibility study of passenger rail. This has heartened supporters, who say it’s long past time for more robust service in New Hampshire. But opponents maintain there are still far better and less expensive ways to expand the state’s transportation options. We take a fresh look at our longstanding train debate. 


Drew Cline – Interim Director of the Josiah Bartlett 

Michael Skelton – President & CEO of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Also joining us:

Ben Blunt – Vice president of Boston Express, a subsidiary bus company of Concord Coach Lines that operates in New Hampshire and Boston. 

Patricia Quinlan – Executive director of the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority, which oversees operations of the Downeaster, a train that runs from Maine to Boston, with three stops in New Hampshire. 

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