Nashua One Step Closer to Getting Commuter Rail

Nashua One Step Closer to Getting Commuter Rail


Nashua is one step closer to getting commuter rail in the city.

That’s after city lawmakers this week unanimously agreed to enter into a public-private partnership with a railroad company out of Rhode Island.

The proposed train would run from Worcester, Massachusetts, with stops in Lowell, Nashua, and Bedford.

Boston Surface Railroad Company would cover all of the costs including the construction and day-to-day services. 

And under the agreement, Nashua would get about 10 percent of the profits, which is estimated to be about $180,000 a year.

Mayor Jim Donchess says the city will reassess this partnership in a year or so to see how viable the project is.

“Given that the city is not being asked to come up with money, it’s really a no-lose proposition,” Donchess said. “Maybe we can make it work, hopefully we can and if we can’t it really won’t require much of the city.”

Bringing rail to Nashua has been a top priority of the Mayor since the state last year signaled it will not invest in it. Donchess says commuter rail is a no-brainer –  it will curb residents arduous commutes to Boston, will reduce local traffic, cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and attract future businesses.

“We are not getting any encouragement from the state government, let’s put it that way, that’s an understatement, so we had to think of other ways that we can make this a reality,” Donchess said.

If the project does work out, Nashua would be responsible for building the actual train platform, which will cost about half a million dollars.