Manchester and Nashua mayors go to Concord to make case for commuter rail project

Mayor Joyce Craig on Tuesday joined Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess at a public hearing before the Senate Transportation Committee in support of SB 241, which would fund the project development of passenger rail in New Hampshire.

An amendment was added calling for the use of toll credits for any required matching funds.

If passed, the bill would allow the department of transportation to access federal funding for the purpose of completing the project development phase of the Capitol Corridor rail project in the 2019-2028 10-year transportation improvement plan. In her testimony, Craig reinforced Manchester’s growth in the business and education sectors, with more than 30 high-tech companies occupying the Millyard, and the expansion of BAE systems, which expects to bring 800 new jobs to the city.

Of the trip to Concord to speak in favor of the rail project, Craig said, “It’s great to have a partner like Mayor Donchess in Nashua to collaborate on efforts that affect our two communities.”


Carol Robidoux