The Time for Rail Expansion is Now

Senate Transportation Committee to Hear Testimony on Rail Expansion

On Tuesday, February 5, at 2:00pm in Legislative Office Building Room 103 in Concord, the NH Senate Transportation Committee will hear testimony on Senate Bill 241, which will allow the NH Dept. of Transportation to access existing federal funding to complete the critical Project Development Analysis of the NH Capitol Corridor Rail Expansion Project.
Approval of this bill would have zero cost to New Hampshire taxpayers as ample federal funding is available and designated for this type of project.

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NH Senate Narrowly Votes Against Funding Commuter Rail Expansion Analysis

Senate members defy support of 110 NH businesses and 74 percent of residents by removing rail funding from House Bill 2018

Concord NH – Late last night, members of the New Hampshire State Senate defied the support of more than 110 New Hampshire businesses and 74 percent of residents by narrowly defeated an effort to authorize $4 million in federal funding to provide an in-depth analysis of the proposed expansion of commuter rail from Boston to Manchester. Read more

NH House Votes to Fund Analysis of Passenger Rail Expansion Project


Manchester, NH – The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted today to designate federal funds to conduct an in-depth financial, engineering and environmental analysis of the proposed passenger rail expansion project from Boston to Manchester. In a 166-160 vote, the House included funding for the project development phase of the rail expansion project in the state’s Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan, known as House Bill 2018. Read more

New Hampshire Business for Rail Expansion Launches

Non-partisan, statewide business coalition launches in support of passenger rail expansion from Boston to Manchester

Manchester, NH – A new, statewide, nonpartisan business coalition launched today that is committed to expanding passenger rail from Boston to Manchester, New Hampshire. New Hampshire Business for Rail Expansion released an initial list of more than 50 businesses, organizations and individuals in support of passenger rail expansion, along with a website,, and social media presence ahead of a crucial House Public Works and Highways Committee vote on Wednesday that could determine the fate of rail expansion along the state’s capitol corridor. 

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