Bring commuter rail to the millyard

To the Editor: The New Hampshire House recently passed Senate Bill 564, which will give a decade of state tax exemptions to biotech businesses that locate in and around the Manchester Millyard as part of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI.) The prospect of creating a biotechnology hub in Millyard is very exciting.


However, a project like this has lots of moving parts that will need to be addressed to make it viable. For example, bringing qualified workers into the Millyard will be critical to the success of the ARMI project. This is a challenge for the businesses that are currently located there. Parking is already difficult and the Everett Turnpike is beyond capacity.


One logical piece of the solution is commuter rail.


Currently, the state’s 10year transportation plan is in the Senate. The Transportation Committee has recommended removing a $4 million federal transportation grant which would pay for environmental impact studies and financial plans for the Capitol Corridor Rail Project that would bring rail service to the Millyard.


Polls indicate that most New Hampshire residents are in favor of the commuter rail project. I urge the Senate to keep the funding for the Capitol Corridor Rail Project in the 10-year transportation plan.



Laurel Street Manchester